[Ebook] Majalah Langka: [1970 – 10 Oktober] – Some Recent Publications On Indonesia

[Pustaka Digital] 1970 - 10 Oktober - Some Recent Publications On Indonesia
The list which follows is by no means exhaustive. Such a list would be beyond our capacity to collect and also would duplicate the annual bibliography of the Journal of Asian Studies. The editors felt, however. tjat tjere was a need for a more current listing that that provided by the JAS and also that it would be useful to divide the items by place of publication in order to give our readers an indication of the kinds of Indonesian studies being carried out in various countries. In keeping with this, we have provided translations of titles from Japan and East Europe for the benefit of readers who, while not familiar with the particular languages, would still be interested to know that people in these countries are working on.

Judul : Some Recent Publications On Indonesia
Penulis : Compiled by The Editors
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Tebal : 12 Halaman
Sumber : Perpustakaan Nasional RI

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