[Ebook] Majalah Langka: [1970 – 10 Oktober] – The Indonesian Exiles In Australia 1942-1947

[Pustaka Digital] 1970 - 10 Oktober - The Indonesian Exiles In Australia 1942-47
After the Japanese conquest of the Indies, the Netherlands Indies administration and armed forces leaders, made Australia the re-grouping base from which to reconquer their lost colony. Indonesian soldiers, sailors, and marines, airplane crews and merchant seamen, hospital attendants, civil servants and KPM shipping clerks were aboard the surviving Dutch cruisers, destroyers, frigates, submarines, sub-chasers, passenger and cargo liners, hospital ships and the mosquito flest of small craft that had maintained KPM inter-island services, all of which now dcluttered up major Australian ports already overtaxed by South-West Pacific War traffic. The vast majority of airplane and ship crews and civil employees were Indonesian; Dutch replenishments to the Indies had been virtually denied since May 1940, when the Germans sealed off Holland.

Judul : The Indonesian Exiles In Australia 194-47
Penulis : Rupert Lockwood
Ukuran : 10,1 MB
Tebal : 22 Halaman
Sumber : Perpustakaan Nasional RI

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