[Ebook] Majalah Langka: [1970 – 9 Apri] – War and Humanity: Notes On Personal Experience

[Pustaka Digital] 1970 - 9 April - War and Humanity - Notes On Personal Experience

War is a strange element in the civilization of modern man. In this day and ago, modern men, from the time they are small, are taught to cultivate love for their fellow human beings. And yet war has never been eliminated from history, including the history of modern men, for war seems to be a necessary evill.

In the face of war, where people kill one another, different men experience different feelings: some feel exalted, others feel afraid. And one such man is Usamah, a writer.

Judul : War and Humanity: Notes On Personal Experience
Penulis : Usamah
Penerjemah : Helen Jarvis
Ukuran : 6,18 MB
Tebal : 14 Halaman
Sumber : Perpustakaan Nasional RI

Download :
Klik link -> https://inval.id/url/pdmlwnh

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