[Ebook] Majalah Langka: [1970 – 9 April] – In Memoriam Soe Hok Gie

[Pustaka Digital] 1970 - 9 April - In Memoriam Soe Hok Gie
He was a young man, just 27, without position, and of Chinese descent. Yet, in all Indonesia, he was the first to write publicly about the thousands of political prisoners held without trial in prisons and internment camps, and about the despair of their wices and the destiny of their ostracized children. His elders had proclaimed often enough their commitment to universal humanist values – but none but he, and a few others of his generation, had the courage to defend these values at home.

He had contributed more than most to the student campaign which helped to overthrow the Sukarno regime. Yet the dispossessed supporters of that regime would read his articles in the Djakarta press and say, “Dia orang baik.” He wrote his “akripai” on the Madiun Affair in 1948, and trenchantly criticized the Communist leadership of that period. Yet, in the simple dedication opposite the title page, he wrote, “My sympathy is for all those who have sacrificed everything for the people of Indonesia, whether they stood on the left or on the right.” Other attacked the corruption and hypocarisy rampant in Indoensia, but only he was willing to take the risks of naming names.

Judul : In Memoriam Soe Hok Gie
Penulis : Ben Anderson
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Tebal : 5 Halaman
Sumber : Perpustakaan Nasional RI

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