[Ebook] Majalah Langka: [1970 – 9 April] – Party Formation in Sarawak

[Pustaka Digital] 1970 - 9 April - Party Formation in Sarawak

The formation of political parties was s particularly late development in Sarawak, and the process did not actually commence until 1959. Following upon a century of rule by the Brooke Rajahs (1841-1941) and the brief Japanese occupation (1941-1945), local political activity prior to 1959 was channeled through various community organizations, and furthermore was confined almost exclusively to Islamic and Chinese groups. For Muslim, the central question at issue was the Cession of Sarawak from the Brooke Rajahs to the British Crown in 1946. A vigorous series of mass protests took place from 1946 to 1949, after which the British Government firmly closed all legatimate means of reversing this alteration in constitutional status. For the Chinese, the struggle on the mainland of China was the objet of considerable attention and helped stimulate analogous conflicts within the leadership of Sarawak Chinese. The result of that conflict was a decided shift in the distribution of power within the Chinese community away from the conservative and wealthy toward those of a more left-wing disposition. By contrast with Malaya, the Left in Sarawak was not emasculated by and abortive insurrection. For almost all who can be called Dayak, policital activity was a completely new sphere and even in the early 1960’s, their political expression can be characterized an essentially a reaction to that iitiated by the other communities.

Judul : Party Formation in Sarawak
Penulis : Michael Leigh
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